Problems look Relatively small from 5 miles up

Indian farmers are under severe pressure of feeding one-fourth of worlds hunger and the irony is that almost 36% agriculture household in India falls in Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. The majority of farmers are indebted because they borrow money to purchase costly inputs during the sowing season to find most of their crops succumbed to pests and diseases. It has been observed that farmers are not fully aware of their crops; they very have little information about the physiological condition of their crops. This lack of knowledge and information often leads them to grow nutrient deficient crops and yield low harvests without realizing the full potential of their farm and resources.

Indian agriculture these days is facing the severe difficulty of using optimum amount of resources and yielding highest possible harvest to feed one-fourth hungry people of the world. The path to their fulfilment is extremely difficult but fortunately for man, the easiest path is not his truest path. I think that confronted with difficulties, we have to acknowledge we are human beings and that our responsibilities are to the higher faculties of our nature. What are the obstacles to the lower creatures are the opportunities to the higher life of man.

But the biggest problem is the identification of these difficulties. What language should farmers use to communicate with their plants in a way that their crops speak about their problems to them?

BharatRohan is creating a language so that farmers can interact with their crops and understand them in every stage of their growth.